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Ep. 6 - The Art of Raising Boys // Mark Hancock

Christy-Faith and Mark Hancock explore the joys and challenges of raising boys in a modern world. Boys need to be engaged and supported in a way that acknowledges their strengths and capabilities, providing them with male role models, outdoor experiences, and diverse resources to prevent them from escaping into the virtual world and help them flourish as brave leaders later in life.

Ep. 5 - The Surprising Benefits of a Charlotte Mason Homeschool // Julie Ross

Unleash the magic of education with a practical twist! Discover how Charlotte Mason's revolutionary approach not only transforms homeschooling into a dynamic experience, but readies kids for higher education. Plus, learn how it easily accommodates family-together learning. Join us on a journey where freedom, peace, and the secret sauce of Charlotte Mason's methods create an extraordinary homeschooling adventure! 

Ep. 4 - Parenting Fails: What to do when nothing seems to be working // Marni Love

We’ve all had those times when your parenting isn’t what you want it to be, your kids are struggling, and your don’t know how to help your kid (or yourself). You might resort to yelling, crying yourself to sleep, or just feeling really low about your parenting. And above all you’re desperate for help. In this episode, you’ll find hope when you feel like you’re not the parent you want to be. 

Ep. 3 - Exposed! Lies of the test prep industry and how to prepare your kids for the SAT & ACT // Jean Burk

Hidden beneath the sparkly veneer of the test prep industry lies a shadowy realm of deceit, adding undue stress and financial strain to the journey. Learn how test prep done right can have a profound impact on test scores that cause college doors to swing wide open, along with scholarship offers and free rides.

Ep. 2 - Insights From a Second Generation Homeschooler // Rachel Stanhope

Dive into the riveting world of second-generation homeschooler, Rachel Stanhope, as she unveils the transformative power of homeschooling on family bonds in this captivating podcast that explores the highs, lows, and ultimate rewards of embracing the homeschooling journey.

Ep. 1 - Does Homeschooling Shield Abusers from Getting Caught? // Dr. Brian Ray

Christy-Faith and Dr. Brian Ray tackle the accusations of homeschooling abuse from John Oliver on his show, Last Week Tonight. Watch them breakdown clips from the show segment targeting homeschoolers that has received national attention being seen by millions.

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