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Ep. 18 - Unlock the Secrets to Swim Safety: A Must-SEE for Every Parent! // Selena Willow

Christy-Faith and Selena Willow discuss the importance of swim safety for children, the impact of drowning incidents, the personal journey of the expert, misconceptions about water safety, and the use of floaties. It emphasizes the need for parents to be educated about drowning and water safety, and the role of proper training in teaching children to swim. Selena Minogue discusses the importance of swim safety for children and her innovative method of teaching children to swim. She contrasts her approach with traditional swim programs and emphasizes the need for children to be capable swimmers rather than just comfortable in the water.

Ep. 17 - Preparing Your Kids for a Rapidly Changing Job Market (Part 2 of 2) // Lisa Nehring

In part 2 of the conversation, Christy Faith and Lisa Nehring emphasize the importance of giving children space to have different ideas, teaching them logic and critical thinking skills, and avoiding the pressure to fill their education with excessive information. They also discuss the benefits of outdoor activities and self-regulatory play for children's development. The conversation highlights the need to reimagine education and prepare children to be autodidacts who can adapt and learn independently in a rapidly changing world.

Ep. 16 - Preparing Your Kids for a Rapidly Changing Job Market (Part 1 of 2) // Lisa Nehring

Today’s conversation with Lisa Nehring explores the concept of the fourth industrial revolution and its implications for homeschooling. Christy-Faith and Lisa discuss the rapid changes in technology and the job market, emphasizing the need for adaptable skills and critical thinking. The ladies higlight importance of literacy, self-learning, soft skills, and emotional intelligence. They also touch on the five emerging economies and offer practical advice for homeschooling parents to adapt their teaching methods and curriculum.

Ep. 15 - The Collision: When Homeschool Meets Family Relationships (Part 2 of 2) // Jan Smith

In today’s episode, we continue the conversation with Jan Smith as she shares insights and advice on raising adolescent boys. She emphasizes the importance of treating them like men and giving them real-life work opportunities. Jan also discusses the challenges of the adolescent phase, including mood swings and the need for independence. She encourages parents to reinforce positive traits such as hard work, physical strength, and a healthy self-image. Jan suggests involving fathers in the parenting process and setting boundaries with consequences. She also highlights the importance of recognizing and nurturing their interests and talents.

Ep. 14 - The Collision: When Homeschool Meets Family Relationships (Part 1 of 2) // Jan Smith

We look at the surprisingly transformative power of homeschooling and its remarkable effect on family dynamics. Jan Smith shares her remarkable journey, offering insights into the unique benefits and challenges of homeschooling in today's society.

Discover how homeschooling fosters deep family connections and empowers parents to tailor education to their children's individual needs. From navigating the demands of career to challenging societal norms, Jan's story sheds light on the profound impact of personalized learning and the invaluable role of family in shaping our lives. We explore the intersection of homeschooling, family relationships, and societal expectations, inviting listeners to rethink traditional education paradigms and embrace the transformative journey of family-centered learning.

Ep 13 - The Art of Learning: Insights on Enrichment Subjects and Brain Development // Rachel Figg

Get ready for an enlightening episode of the Christy-Faith Show, where our special guest, Rachel Figg, shares insights that'll make you rethink education! Tune in as Rachel delves into the magical world of enrichment subjects like music, art, STEM, and PE, revealing how they mold young minds in ways we never imagined. From sparking creativity to honing critical thinking skills, Rachel paints a vivid picture of how these subjects lay the foundation for lifelong learning. 

Discover the surprising connections between music and math, and how incorporating elective subjects into homeschooling can revolutionize the way we approach education. Join Christy and Rachel for an eye-opening conversation that'll leave you inspired to infuse joy and curiosity into your homeschooling journey.

Ep. 12 - Is Brain Training the Breakthrough Your Kid Needs? // Sandy Zamalis

Join us for an insightful episode of the Christy-Faith Show as we explore the fascinating world of cognitive training with our special guest, Sandy Zamalis. Sandy brings her expertise from LearningRx to the forefront as we discuss the transformative effects of cognitive enhancement on academic success and personal development.

In this engaging conversation, Sandy shares her wealth of knowledge on the science behind cognitive training and its impact on improving memory, attention, processing speed, and reasoning skills. We delve into practical strategies and brain-based techniques that can empower individuals of all ages to unlock their cognitive potential and achieve their goals.

Ep. 11 - Navigating Reading Challenges: A Parent's Guide to Recognizing Warning Signs and Seeking Support // Sydney Baumann

Join us for a dive deep into the world of literacy with our special guest, Sydney Bauman, an experienced reading specialist with a passion for empowering parents and educators alike. Together, we’ll debunk myths, provide actionable advice, and empower you to become a confident advocate for your child's literacy success. From early warning signs to understanding when and how to seek support, we’ll uncover invaluable insights and practical strategies to help parents navigate any reading challenges their child may encounter along the way. Whether you're a parent, educator, or simply passionate about literacy, this episode is packed with valuable information you won't want to miss!

Ep. 10 - From Homeschool to Stanford (Part 2 of 2) // Amanda Reeves

We continue our myth busting discussion about homeschoolers and their college prospects. In this episode, we’ll hear more from our special guest, Amanda Reeves, as we explore her journey from homeschooling to Stanford University and beyond. Never again doubt that homeschooling can provide a great education that prepares your kids for the future.

Ep. 9 - From Homeschool to Stanford (Part 1 of 2) // Amanda Reeves

Ever wonder if a homeschooler can get into college? In this episode, we’ll hear from our special guest, Amanda Reeves, as we explore her journey from homeschooling to Stanford University and beyond. Never again doubt that homeschooling can provide a great education that prepares your kids for the future.

Ep. 8 - The Emptiness of Doing it All Without Community // Heidi St. John

Get ready to break the myth of the supermom and the 'do it all' mentality! Join us for an enlightening conversation with Heidi St. John as we explore the reality that we weren't meant to navigate motherhood or homeschooling alone. In this candid discussion, we'll dive into why asking for help can be a struggle and uncover the power of vulnerability. Tune in for some hard truths and insightful revelations!

Ep. 7 - Raising & Homeschooling Boys // Durenda Wilson

We dive deep into the unique journey of motherhood in raising sons. In today's world, the challenges of nurturing boys to become resilient, compassionate men can feel overwhelming. Joining Christy-Faith is Durenda Wilson, who brings her three decades of experience homeschooling her five boys to the forefront, offering wisdom and perspective to help mothers navigate this journey with grace and confidence. Join us as we explore the joys and struggles of raising sons, and discover practical insights to inspire the next generation of courageous men.

Ep. 6 - The Art of Raising Boys // Mark Hancock

Christy-Faith and Mark Hancock explore the joys and challenges of raising boys in a modern world. Boys need to be engaged and supported in a way that acknowledges their strengths and capabilities, providing them with male role models, outdoor experiences, and diverse resources to prevent them from escaping into the virtual world and help them flourish as brave leaders later in life.

Ep. 5 - The Surprising Benefits of a Charlotte Mason Homeschool // Julie Ross

Unleash the magic of education with a practical twist! Discover how Charlotte Mason's revolutionary approach not only transforms homeschooling into a dynamic experience, but readies kids for higher education. Plus, learn how it easily accommodates family-together learning. Join us on a journey where freedom, peace, and the secret sauce of Charlotte Mason's methods create an extraordinary homeschooling adventure! 

Ep. 4 - Parenting Fails: What to do when nothing seems to be working // Marni Love

We’ve all had those times when your parenting isn’t what you want it to be, your kids are struggling, and your don’t know how to help your kid (or yourself). You might resort to yelling, crying yourself to sleep, or just feeling really low about your parenting. And above all you’re desperate for help. In this episode, you’ll find hope when you feel like you’re not the parent you want to be. 

Ep. 3 - Exposed! Lies of the test prep industry and how to prepare your kids for the SAT & ACT // Jean Burk

Hidden beneath the sparkly veneer of the test prep industry lies a shadowy realm of deceit, adding undue stress and financial strain to the journey. Learn how test prep done right can have a profound impact on test scores that cause college doors to swing wide open, along with scholarship offers and free rides.

Ep. 2 - Insights From a Second Generation Homeschooler // Rachel Stanhope

Dive into the riveting world of second-generation homeschooler, Rachel Stanhope, as she unveils the transformative power of homeschooling on family bonds in this captivating podcast that explores the highs, lows, and ultimate rewards of embracing the homeschooling journey.

Ep. 1 - Does Homeschooling Shield Abusers from Getting Caught? // Dr. Brian Ray

Christy-Faith and Dr. Brian Ray tackle the accusations of homeschooling abuse from John Oliver on his show, Last Week Tonight. Watch them breakdown clips from the show segment targeting homeschoolers that has received national attention being seen by millions.

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