Build a homeschool that does right by your kids.

There is no better place to educate a child than in a loving home, with a motivated parent.

The traditional educational system, with its rigid standardization and high-stakes testing, extinguishes passion for learning, leaving children stressed and stifled. But fear not, strong parent, for you possess the unrivaled capability to rewrite the story.

At, we equip you with the tools, resources, and confidence to chart the course and provide your kids with the best education possible. We understand the fears and doubts that come with stepping off the beaten path - but we're here to tell you the truth. Homeschooling isn't about isolation or overwhelming responsibility; it's about freedom, flexibility, and fostering a deep, enduring love for learning in your child.

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Homeschool Rising busts through the myths surrounding homeschooling, reveals the gross inadequacies in our current school system, and demonstrates how home education can provide a solution for students and families everywhere.

There is no better place to be educated than in a loving home with a motivated parent.

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