About Christy-Faith



With over 20 years of extensive experience in K-college academics and administration, Christy-Faith has worked in and instructed every level of education in a professional capacity. Throughout her career, she expertly taught and guided a wide variety of student populations, including those who are gifted, individuals with wide ranges of challenges/diagnoses, differently wired learners, and those who are twice exceptional (2E). Her professional journey involved not only instructing and working with students but also providing guidance and education to parents while training and mentoring teachers.


She is a teacher’s teacher.


Beginning her career in the classroom and later obtaining her master's degree, Christy achieved remarkable success by establishing and managing a private educational center and consulting firm alongside her husband, Scott. Through this endeavor, she directly interacted with thousands of K-college students from both public and private schools. She skillfully supervised a substantial team of specialists and tutors, meticulously reviewed individualized education plans (IEPs), and collaborated with principals, admissions counselors, therapists, psychologists, and parents to address the unique needs of each and every student. Becoming known for highly individualized instruction and impressive academic outcomes, Scott and Christy's learning center grew into one of the most successful private learning centers in the country.


As their family expanded along with their center, Christy embarked on a personal exploration of homeschooling, an experience that profoundly transformed her perspective on educating children. The journey proved to be immensely rewarding and conducive to the well-being of both herself and her kids, motivating her to utilize her teaching expertise and mentoring skills to support mothers along their homeschooling path.


Christy-Faith, a social media powerhouse with multi-millions of video views, expertly debunks homeschooling myths and motivates countless moms – both new and veteran homeschoolers – to take the leap, remain steadfast, and re-vitalize their purpose. With her knack for crafting clever clapbacks, inspiring posts, and courageous stands, all seasoned with a dash of wit and humor, she captivates her audience who eagerly anticipate her next engaging piece of content. Her unwavering determination, coupled with her ability to effectively present data and research, brings a powerful punch of credibility and substance to the homeschool community, making her an influential figure who resonates with many.


In addition to encouraging moms on social media, Christy also spends her days advising moms within her flourishing membership community, Thrive Homeschool Community, hosting her podcast The Christy-Faith Show, and writing. All while imperfectly educating her four "endlessly entertaining" children alongside her husband, Scott, in Colorado.


Christy's highly acclaimed book, Homeschool Rising: Shattering Myths, Finding Courage, and Opting Out of the School System, is has become the definitive must-read for homeschoolers and those curious about homeschooling around the globe. With its compelling insights and empowering narrative, it is destined to claim a prominent place on every homeschooler's bookshelf, while also being the go-to book you'll enthusiastically share with your friends.