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Thrive Membership - Monthly -

Thrive Membership - Monthly -

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Monthly Membership Includes:

✅  All Access Membership to Thrive

✅ Complete Workshop Library 

✅ Chat, DM, & Live Workshops w/ Christy

Discounted Consultations w/ Christy (10% off)

I wanted to find an affordable way to personally mentor you along your ENTIRE homeschool journey. So I created Thrive Homeschool Community. Meet me there!

xoxo, Christy-Faith💕


We're What You've Been Looking For...

Join us for homeschooling WISDOM, SUPPORT, AND COMMUNITY to make the homeschool life easier, life-giving, and fun.

Welcome to the place where you will never have to re-invent the wheel. We are tired of resources that claim to be helpful but really just add to our stress and become "another thing to do." In this group, each and every time you visit, you will feel like our community made the execution of the homeschool life easier. We stop at nothing to make sure you get the support you need, whether it is simply getting your question answered by a seasoned homeschooler, or receiving a resource you desperately needed (even if you didn't know you even needed it!). This is the place where high value tips, tricks, resources, and ideas meets non-judgmental emotional support. Its hard enough to be a homeschooler in our world today and here, in our group, you will join your tribe of homeschoolers who will cheer you on with your wins and gather around to comfort you on your hard days. This group is is special because you are special.  And what we are doing is special. 

Can't wait to see meet you on zoom!  Pssst...I'm on approximately 7 zoom calls per don't have to attend all of them but when I say I'm here for you, I actually mean it.

Moving Mountains Shouldn't Be Done Alone...

When you choose the homeschool life, it can feel like you are misunderstood, judged, and alone. One of the best things you can do is find solid community and support. This group is a place where:

1. We ensure your visits are a highlight in your day...never “another thing to do or to check” 

2. We breathe-life into homeschooling

3. We make the execution of homeschooling easier through strategies, tips, and hacks

4. We ensure safe and supportive community (judgement free zone)

5. We provide resources, recommendations, and even free stuff offered exclusively only to the group. 

What Does My Membership Include?

Thrive Homeschool Community overdelivers compared to other communities, and we like it that way. Our Membership offers 7 main gives. If you can only take advantage of 1 or 2 of them, that is your money's worth, and we designed it that way because we know how busy you are. Here is what your membership includes:

1. First week of the month: Workshop to meet us where we are and bring us where we need to be. These are classes and workshops taught by Christy, or a hired expert brought in, to offer wisdom on a particular area of expertise. Workshops are offered on replay for the entire month.

2. Second week of the month: Discussion groups to talk about important topics, connect with one another, and grow.  (2 time options; one during the day and one at night)

3. Third Week of the month: A printable drops each month FREE to members only. These lesson plans are designed to make you the "fun homeschool mom" without even trying. They are 100% "open and go" and hit all ages (yes even high schoolers)

4. Fourth Week of the month: Office hours (4 options). Your chance to ask Christy and her team of mentors questions live. She offers zooms for the following groups: Preschool through 2nd, Elementary, Teens, and an evening zoom for All Ages. Attend one, attend all! They are for you.

5. Ongoing: Christy checks her group DMs every business day and you will get a response within 24-48 hours. She takes these direct messages very seriously and loves connecting with and learning about each family so she can advise you better. This is a way to get her one-on-one consulting for a fraction of the cost.

6. Ongoing: Christy has a team of mentors hired who specialize in different areas to make sure you get your questions answered by someone equipped and knowledgeable to answer it. The thrive mentor team is in the threads daily and are also available for direct messaging.

7. Ongoing: Safe and Supportive community via the discussion board. The members in this community are serious about being the best homeschool moms we can be and we help each other daily. Curriculum question? We got you. Having a bad day? We can relate and will come around you to support you. Unmotivated kid? Struggling learner? Post your questions! One of the things that makes this group amazing is how active the members are. Oh yeah, and the things that make us a safe place? We are non-sectarian and not political. We only give advice when you ask for it and we don't allow promoting your own business (we have 1 day of the month where you can share what you do...we want to support you but we aren't a networking group).

***Not sure if you caught all that but we have 7 zooms per month. SEVEN. And the ability to DM Christy and her mentors at any time with specific questions.


We offer quarterly parties

Members periodically organize zoom meet ups for particular areas of interest. These are not endorsed by the community and totally on a volunteer basis. Examples: parents of only children night, working homeschool mom night, secular homeschooler's night, faith-based homeschooler's night, mom's of kids with special needs night and the list goes on. You can organize a group of your choosing!


What Are People Saying?

“I just wanted to send a personal thank you for your response to my post yesterday. Your group is changing my life. And I am so thankful for your passion because it’s also changing my sons. There are so many groups out there but you make it feel different here. I can tell you truly care about all of us so thank you ❤️”- Crystal T.

"As a member of Christy-Faith's Thrive community, it is literally the most worthwhile money I have ever spent. Period" -Kelli

“I’ve doubted myself, but not the decision until I found Christy. Her honesty, statistics and this community gives me the confidence to know that there are others out there that feel this way too. I find planning helps build my confidence as well. I prioritize what needs to happen and make sure I have all the things we need beforehand.”- Gina P.

“Starting our homeschool journey tomorrow! 6,5 & 3! Thanks to you, you gave me resources and encouragement to do this! ❤️💪🏼”- Emily

“I am so excited to be a member of the Thrive community! I was a public school teacher for 10 years and decided the system was not what I wanted for my kids. Now that my kids are school age, my husband and I decided it was best for our family for me to stay home and homeschool. It has been a crazy ride so far, but so incredibly rewarding. The Thrive community has been such a fabulous resource to have for support, resources, ideas… everything! I love being able to reach out to other parents who are new to home schooling and those who have been doing it a while and get advice and moral support. Everyone is so welcoming and there is absolutely no judgement!” - Kendra F.

Good Question, Glad You Asked!

What if I don't like the group, am I stuck?

-ANSWER: Cancel anytime. If you aren't getting value out of it, I don't want you wasting your money. But we will still be friends k? k.

Is this just for new homeschool moms?

-ANSWER: No. We have moms who are considering homeschool, haven't started yet but want to, first year homeschoolers, those who are couple years in, as well as veterans who have gone the distance to 12th grade. Even when you've been homeschooling for years, you still need help, advising, and community too! And by the way, homeschooling is different with each kid so none of us are doing "rinse and repeat," though it does get easier

I want to homeschool, but my spouse/partner is not convinced. Is this a group for me?

-ANSWER: One of the best way to embrace homeschooling is to see it in action and know it well. It's hard to hate things up close (that's Brené Brown I think). Thrive is a wonderful place to get your questions answered and see first-hand how homeschooling works from me, mentors, and moms like you in our community!

Is your group religious?

-ANSWER: Nope. The group is non-sectarian. That means people are free to be who they are, without judgement.

What if I can't attend all the zooms? 

-ANSWER: The group is not designed for you to do everything (there are 7 zooms, after all...we know you love Christy but that's a lot of Christy...) to get your money's worth. If you think you can take advantage of 2 of the offerings, that's the goal. Less than that, and It's probably not the group for you.

Is this an in-person community or online?

-ANSWER: We are an online community, but you can find members who live in your area and meet them too.

Are there ever any discounts, specials, or coupon codes? 

-ANSWER: Nope. We have no doubt in our mind that we are actually underpriced and more than that, we are incredibly proud of what we are offering and our level of service. Christy's consultations alone are in the hundreds of dollars and not only is she available to members (via zooms and DMs), but she has a hired team of mentors to guide you as well. If anything, over time our prices will increase. We can assure you of 2 things:

1. The price you see on this page will always be the lowest price available. Never any flash sales, no secret discount is what it is.

2. The price you pay to join will be your "locked in" price as long as you stay in the group. We don't raise prices on current members.


Why Christy-Faith's group and not another?

Nowhere else will you get this high level of PROFESSIONAL EDUCATIONAL ADVISEMENT for the price. It combines the PRACTICAL HELP (how do I get through my freakin’ homeschool day with 8 loads of laundry and fighting kids!) along with the HEART HELP that will free you from homeschool doubt and worry (Am I enough? Am I going to mess up my kids?)

Thrive homeschool community was born out of frustration. Yes frustration. I was struggling with the limitations of the channels available to me to fulfill my calling: Equipping, encouraging, and building confidence in homeschool moms.

Frustrations Thrive Solved:

1. I go live on social media quite a bit to help homeschool moms for free, and will always do that, but on the lives I can't really get to know the moms, ask the necessary follow-up questions, or am able to give proper academic advisement on complicated situations. Plus questions fly in so fast I can never get to every one.  

2. Consultations, though amazing, are pricey (one consultation takes approximately 4 hours). Not everyone can afford those and it breaks my heart that some of you aren’t getting the help/expertise/advice you need. I had to figure out a way to make academic homeschool advisement more affordable so I could help more of you.

3. Comments sections in videos (though I see you repeat mammas and love you!) fall short of real community. Again, there really isn't a way, via social media, to actually get to know you, support you, and help you in your personal homeschool journey.

4. I don't prefer "one and done" help, though it has its place. I prefer an ongoing mentoring relationship. This homeschool life is a multi-year journey with bumps and blips in the road along the way. Questions come up periodically. Each new season means kids in different phases of growing up, new curriculum to buy, new problems to solve, and new developments in our lives. By being in an ongoing community of mammas who have gotten to know you, you will be able to bounce ideas off each other, DM Christy or her mentors whenever you need to, and get your questions answered as they come up, in real time, with people who actually know you.

Is Christy-Faith Even Qualified?

I thought that was a fun heading. You gotta love those troll comments! But in all honesty, you should know a little about me before you spend time and your well-earned money in my membership.

Here's the bio I use when I'm needing to impress people.

Christy-Faith’s experience includes a 20+ year career in K-college academics and administration where she’s worked in and instructed every level of education in a professional capacity—with diverse student populations including gifted, those with learning challenges/diagnoses, and 2E (twice exceptional) students. The scope of her work involved counseling and educating parents as well as training and mentoring teachers. She is a teacher’s teacher.

After starting her career as a classroom teacher, and then earning her Masters degree, Christy found great success starting and running a private educational center and consulting firm with her husband. Christy worked directly with thousands of students K-college from both public and private schools, trained and managed a large staff of specialists and tutors, poured over IEPs, and discussed student needs with principals, admissions counselors, therapists, psychologists, and parents. Becoming known for highly individualized educational plans and impressive academic outcomes, Scott and Christy's learning center grew into one of the most successful private learning centers in the country.

When they started their family, Christy decided to explore homeschooling and it blew her mind/ changed her entire view on educating kids. She has found homeschooling so rewarding and healthy for herself and her kids that she now uses her teaching expertise and mentoring skills to help moms along their homeschooling journey. She spends her days imperfectly educating her four “endlessly entertaining” kids in Colorado with Scott, her husband of 20+ years. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Keimon Archibald

Great option for families.


Thrive Membership - Monthly -

Alexa Carrion

Thrive Membership - Monthly -

Karla Lyon

Love this membership it’s so supportive and informative and warm!

Nikkisha Walden
Love this community

This thrive membership is more than resources, it's a community. I have enjoyed the zoom meets as well as the different chats. The quizzes have been very helpful also!

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