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Poetry Study (Instant Download)

Poetry Study (Instant Download)

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Poetry can inspire us, improve our language skills, and help us gain deeper understanding of the world. It often demands careful attention to language and form, which can help us develop our analytical and interpretive skills. Poetry comes in all forms and covers all subjects, and can be found in many places besides poetry books. It could be your favorite song, a nursery rhyme, a Dr. Seuss book, or a greeting card. Language is what makes poetry unique.

In this guide you'll find four days of study with activities for all ages (look for younger students in orange, and older kids in bright green), and a bonus section filled with lovely poems to integrate into your read-aloud time during the week.

In just 20 minutes or less each day, we will explore some of poetry's various techniques, write our own poems, and expand our literary palettes. Savor each poem, digest the words slowly and thoughtfully, but most of all, enjoy the quiet moments reading with your children.


Looking for a creative way to connect with your kids & family?

We've got the perfect set of guided activities for you to do with your kids and make some memories! 


This guide is easy, open & go, just how we like it! You'll know exactly what to do; it’s all been done for you!

Psst...You don't have to invent anything! 🥳


Don't let life speed by and miss out on making sweet memories with your kids!

I know how it is. Life's moving a million miles an hour and it all just seems like a blur. It's so refreshing to just stop for a minute and take the time to "be together". These guided activities make it easy.

Special, out of the routine, activities like this keep things fresh, fun, and memorable. 🥰

What you'll love:

  • Open & go language arts lesson for the day

  • Connecting with kids/family 

  • Attending to details of a story/illustrations fosters engaged reading 

  • Guided art lesson option is all planned out for you

  • Fun theme day = break from the normal homeschool routine 

  • Building character in your kids: love and compassion

What’s Inside?

Stroll through a love-centered homeschooling day with one click. Find everything you need for learning: from activities and crafts(just add paint!) to discussion and writing. 

  • Crafts for every age level/ability

  • Thoughtful discussion questions

  • Love notes (with suggestions= thinking done for you)

  • Clickable link for an inspiring love story

  • Make-together, yummy snack recipe

  • Service project idea to build compassion 

  • Additional reading suggestions to add richness

  • Challenge to look for the good in others

    Instantly Download the "Poetry Study" Supplement



    Get easy, fun connection with your kids. 

    Trusted by over 200k+ Followers

    An exponentially growing crowd of people look to Christy-Faith everyday for educational support and advice. She’s a 20+ year education veteran turned homeschool mentor- and her calling is to help you and your kids thrive. 

    What other moms are saying about Christy-Faith 


    I’ve doubted myself, but not the decision until I found Christy. I find planning helps build my confidence as well. I prioritize what needs to happen and make sure I have all the things we need beforehand.


    The more that I hear from you about homeschool, I find my confidence in that. It reassures me because I do question myself- am I doing enough? Are the kids learning enough?



    In one year, I moved from a fear-based approach to a joy-based approach to homeschooling my child.  This growth would not have been possible without the support of Christy. She is a force like no other and I am blessed to be a part of this movement. 

    Make a sweet memory & grow closer!

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