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Ice Cream Supplement (Instant Download)

Ice Cream Supplement (Instant Download)

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ūüć¶ūüĆü Unleash the Joy of Learning with¬†an Ice Cream Adventure! ūüĆüūüć¶

Ready for an educational journey that's as sweet as ice cream? Hi, I'm Christy-Faith, and I'm passionate about helping families bond over the magic of learning, just like the joy we all share for ice cream! ūüć¶ūüéČ

Imagine spending a delightful day with your kids as you dive into the fascinating history of ice cream across continents and centuries. From Marco Polo's Far East adventures to Catherine de Medici's royal introduction, uncover the delightful mysteries behind this frozen treat!

But that's not all! Our supplement is packed with captivating stories of ancient rulers savoring icy delights and medieval Arabs creating their mouthwatering sherbets. And the fun doesn't stop there! Get hands-on with activities and even whip up your own ice cream using our special science experiment recipe! ūü殂öóÔłŹ

That's right- we'll show you how to make your own ice cream! 


    Fun for the whole family :) 

    This guided study walks you and your kids through an engaging, multi-disciplinary interactive experience with one of the great children's classics, The Bears on Hemlock Mountain.

    This beautiful guide is easy, open & go, just how we like it! You'll know exactly what to do; it’s all been done for you!

    Psst...You don't have to invent anything!¬†ūü•≥


    Does it really teach every subject (except math)? YES!

    Break the routine without stopping the learning. The spontaneity and inspiration that these curriculum supplements give your homeschool is like a breath of fresh air!  It's easy to fall into the routine. Shake things ups and take the time to "be together" and dive into the Bears on Hemlock Mountain together. This guide makes it easy!

    Special, out of the routine, activities like this keep things fresh, fun, and memorable.¬†ūü•į

    What you'll love:

    • Open & go¬†complete lesson for the day (except math) for every age

    • Connecting with kids/family¬†

    • Attending to details of a story/illustrations¬†fosters engaged reading¬†

    • Guide lessons and activities all planned out for you

    • Inspiring break from the normal homeschool routine¬†

    • Building character in your kids:¬†courage and bravery

    What’s Inside?

    Bears is an epic adventure that's sure to be a family favorite! Everything you need to experience a rich homeschooling week with one click.

    • Daily reading with guided discussion questions
    • Recipes
    • Virtual field trip
    • Art projects of all kinds
    • Science activities
    • Nature study: bears and forest animals
    • Useful crafts (including Family Tree making!)
    • Poetry study and writing
    • Pop-culture in history
    • Music appreciation (even has Vivaldi and Johnny Cash!)
    • Language arts
    • Folklore

      Instantly Download the "Ice Cream" Supplement



      Get easy, fun connection with your kids. 

      Trusted by over 200k+ Followers

      An exponentially growing crowd of people look to Christy-Faith everyday for educational support and advice. She’s a 20+ year education veteran turned homeschool mentor- and her calling is to help you and your kids thrive. 

      What other moms are saying about Christy-Faith 


      I’ve doubted myself, but not the decision until I found Christy. I find planning helps build my confidence as well. I prioritize what needs to happen and make sure I have all the things we need beforehand.


      The more that I hear from you about homeschool, I find my confidence in that. It reassures me because I do question myself- am I doing enough? Are the kids learning enough?



      In one year, I moved from a fear-based approach to a joy-based approach to homeschooling my child.  This growth would not have been possible without the support of Christy. She is a force like no other and I am blessed to be a part of this movement. 

      Enjoy an unforgettable adventure together & grow closer!

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      Customer Reviews

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      So much fun!!

      My kids and I loved this almost as much as ice cream! Some favorites were the jokes and activities!

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