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Book vs. Movie - The Magician's Elephant, a Reading and Viewing Guide (Instant Download)

Book vs. Movie - The Magician's Elephant, a Reading and Viewing Guide (Instant Download)

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Books and movies offer unique experiences, transporting us to fantastical worlds and allowing us to explore thrilling adventures. While books ignite our imagination, painting vivid pictures in our minds, movies bring stories to life on colorful playgrounds, evoking a range of emotions. When a beloved book is adapted into a movie, the excitement is palpable as we anticipate how the story will unfold on screen. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of storytelling, character development, and themes, inviting children to critically analyze and appreciate the differences and similarities between the two formats. From the magic of words to the visual spectacle of film, let's embark on a journey through the world of storytelling as we explore the Magician's Elephant.


  • The book (physical copy from the library or order it here for keeps; or listen to the audiobook on Audible, or for free on YouTube here)

  • The movie (available on Netflix)


Looking for a creative way to connect with your kids & family?

Experience family-together time- there are activities for every age

This guide is easy, open & go, just how we like it! You'll know exactly what to do; it’s all been done for you!

Psst...You don't have to invent anything! 🥳


Don't let life speed by and miss out on making sweet memories with your kids!

I know how it is. Life's moving a million miles an hour and it all just seems like a blur. It's so refreshing to just stop for a minute and take the time to "be together". These guided activities make it easy.

Special, out of the routine, activities like this keep things fresh, fun, and memorable. 🥰

What you'll love:

  • Open & go language arts lesson for the day

  • Connecting with kids/family 

  • Attending to details of a story/illustrations fosters engaged reading 

  • Guided art lesson option is all planned out for you

  • Fun theme day = break from the normal homeschool routine 

  • Building character in your kids: love and compassion

What’s Inside?

Stroll through a fun break-from-the norm homeschooling day with one click. Find everything you need for learning: from activities and crafts(just add book & movie!) to discussion and writing. 

  • Activities for every age level/ability

  • Thoughtful discussion questions

  • Exploration exercises (with suggestions= thinking done for you)

  • An inspiring story

  • Make-together, yummy snack recipe

  • Service project idea to build compassion 

  • Additional reading suggestions to add richness

Download the Book vs. Movie - The Magician's Elephant, a Reading and Viewing Guide, Instant Download



Get easy, fun connection with your kids. 

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In one year, I moved from a fear-based approach to a joy-based approach to homeschooling my child.  This growth would not have been possible without the support of Christy. She is a force like no other and I am blessed to be a part of this movement. 

What's your pick... Book or movie?

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