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Thrive exists to fill in the gaps between what you know and what you need to know at every stage of the homeschool journey.

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"Thank you for making this group. Seeing how these other moms love their children... I feel like I've found my people. It feels like home...

Again, I'm so grateful for your group. It's changing my life ♥️

Lauren / Thrive Member

Homeschooling is the #1 Misunderstood

& Fastest Growing form of Education

Do any of these describe you...

New to homeschooling?

I don't really know where to begin and I want to speed up my learning curve.

Need a mentor who cares?

If I could only talk with Christy-Faith! (psst. you can)

Haven't found your people yet?

I want to be friends with other moms who also love their kids and have a growth mindset like me.

Overwhelmed by curriculum options?

There are so many choices! I don't want to choose the wrong one or mess anything up.

Ready to uplevel your homeschool?

I'm ready to take my own homeschool to the next stage and be a thought leader

Struggling with roadblocks or burnout?

I want homeschooling to be a life-giving experience for me and my kids.

Truth: Homeschooling Can Be Overwhelming!


77% of parents report the responsibilities

 can be overwhelming!

You don't need to do it alone.


Once reserved only for the elite, now accessible to you.

It's right here, in Thrive.

Thrive Helps You

Homeschool Better and Better Everyday,

in Every Way

Homeschool Better and Better Everyday, in Every Way

Designed with you in mind

So many moms like you reach out to Christy every day. She wanted to provide an affordable way for you to get her help. 

Learn from Christy's experience

During, Christy's 20+ year in education, she's literally seen it all. She knows what families need to be successful homeschoolers. 

Value-Packed with what you need

Plain and simple, you get so much for your money. Access to Christy, trainings, resources, mentors... you won't find anywhere else!

It's not another "social club"

The moms and a few dads in Thrive are on the growth plan. They are actively pursuing something better for their kids. 

How You'll Learn

The World's Best Education In Homeschooling Is Now In Your Hands. 

What Will You Do With It?

  • 7 Zooms w/ Christy

    Christy truly cares about you and shows up for you, day and night 

  • Supportive Community

    Non-sectarian and non-political. Truly a "non-judgy", supportive place

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    Vital, timely topics taught by Christy-Faith or guest expert

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    The best homeschool advising requires a back-and-forth convo

  • Discussion Groups

    Go deeper, grow, and make friends

  • Thrive Mentors

    Hired mentoring team who show up daily 

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    Open & go supplements to make you the fun & spontaneous HS mom

  • Curriculum Discounts

    Deals from top publishers you can't find anywhere else

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$34.97 FREE w/ Membership

$34.97 FREE w/ Membership

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A little about Christy-Faith

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Worked and taught every level K-College

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Signed with major publisher- book coming 2024

Homeschool Mom & Mentor

Teaches her 4 kids and helps moms like you daily

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But if you don't, that's ok.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this just for new homeschool moms?

No. We have moms who are considering homeschool, haven't started yet but want to, first year homeschoolers, those who are couple years in, as well as veterans who have gone the distance to 12th grade. Even when you've been homeschooling for years, you still need help, advising, and community too! And by the way, homeschooling is different with each kid so none of us are doing "rinse and repeat," though it does get easier.

I want to homeschool, but my spouse/partner is not convinced. Is this a group for me?

One of the best way to embrace homeschooling is to see it in action and know it well. It's hard to hate things up close (that's Brené Brown I think). Thrive is a wonderful place to get your questions answered and see first-hand how homeschooling works from me, mentors, and moms like you in our community!

Is your group religious?

Nope. The group is non-sectarian. That means people are free to be who they are, without judgement.

What if I can't attend all the zooms? 

The group is not designed for you to do everything (there are 7 zooms, after all...we know you love Christy but that's a lot of Christy...) to get your money's worth. If you think you can take advantage of 2 of the offerings, that's the goal. Less than that, and It's probably not the group for you.

Is this an in-person community or online?

We are an online community, but you can find members who live in your area and meet them too.