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Shattering Myths, Finding Courage, and Opting Out of the School System

This breakthrough book from Christy-Faith is the most comprehensive guide on what home education has become and why every parent should rethink their child's education. 

The truth is...

The system is failing, and it doesn't care about you or your kid.

It's on our shoulders to make sure our kids are set up for success.

Homeschooling is the most efficient and effective way to give kids what they actually need.

Homeschool Rising helps you defeat the doubts, homeschool boldly, and silence the critics.

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You don't need to...

  • Feel unqualified to teach

  • Be intimidated by naysayers

  • Let the self-doubt get to you

  • Waste mental energy wondering what you'll say the next time you're questioned about homeschooling

"Homeschool Rising will poke you, prod you, make you laugh, bring you to face your deepest thoughts about education and schooling."

Dr. Brian D.  Ray / President,


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9 Things This Book Will Teach You

  • What an education should be

  • Why parents are pulling their kids out of the system in droves

  • The juicy history of public schooling and why it can't be fixed

  • How homeschooling gives kids the edge

  • Why state standards aren't good enough

  • How to decimate the socialization accusation

  • The truth about common myths surrounding homeschool

  • What deschooling is and why its essential for transformation

  • There is no better way to educate a child than in a loving home with a motivated parent

"I was where you are. Stuck in the system. But when I realized what it was actually doing to kids, I knew I wanted something different for my own children."  

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